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Hart Agriculture, farms in excess of 4,000 acres of sweet Georgia pasture lands, 20 minutes south of Augusta.


Founded by Dr. Richard Watson (PhD) and Mrs Belinda Watson, and their family, Hart Agriculture has applied, and bench-marked, world leading grass-fed dairy technologies to emerge as a fore runner in dairy farming practices. 


Hart Agriculture looks to a bright future in farming and food production, with a long term mission to become an industry leader in the production of wholesome quality grass-fed dairy products.


Hart continues to focus on further developing pasture-based dairy with economic and environmental sustainability as the cornerstones, with the goal of benefiting future generations and the community they live in.

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Our cows enjoy life in the pasture all year round (365 days).


Cows are by nature grazers. With four stomachs to digest and retain the rich nutrients from grass, they are able to forage pastureland and graze when they are hungry.


A combination of the grazing lifestyle and cross breeding with New Zealand bulls, leads to healthy, long living cows.

We keep close watch on the health and well being of our cows through the employment of leading edge AI technology. Watch this short video to learn more. 






We are what we eat! Same goes for cows. The nutrients in milk come directly from what the cow eats. Grass fed dairy products have been shown to have significantly higher levels of many nutrients important in human health.


Grass-fed milk is rich in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, beta-carotene, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), and vitamins A, B2, B12, D, and E. Grass-fed milk is a “feel good food” shown to boost immunity and mood.


Cows eat up to 75 pounds of food a day. Free ranging 365 days a year ensures they have the chance to forage and ruminate as suits their physiology.


With human health and animal welfare issues at the forefront of how consumers make food choices for themselves and their families, the grass-fed, free range 365 advantage is clear.

Check our latest news articles to learn more about free range and high tech in our farming practices. 

One taste, and you’ll know our milk is special.


Our milk is available through Hart Dairy Creamery throughout Atlanta and we are excited to be adding to our partners to provide more places you can find us.

We love our cows, they range free every day, eat the best, sweetest, Georgia grass and this quality can be tasted in our milk. 

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We are a family business. Our cows are part of our family and our people are too. As our business has grown so too have the people. Dairy farming is an all year round operation - we rely on our awesome people to help us produce the best quality milk all day every day.


The Watson family - Richard, Belinda, Meredith and Abby are part of the Waynesboro and Augusta communities and are proud to be part of the Georgia Grown producers.


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There is nothing like the taste of grassfed, whole, skim or chocolate milk. 

Our milk is available under the Hart Dairy Creamery brand. Keep up with stockists by clicking here:


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