• Hart Team

Where can you find this awesome goodness?

We all want great tasting milk and quality you can trust; that is what we put in to every bottle that lands in your fridge from Hart Dairy Creamery.

Sunshine, grass, that's the ingredient list. We are the first US grass-fed dairy to be accredited with as humane certified. Our ladies free range all day every day - 365 days per year. This enables them to forage at will and eat the sweetest Georgia grass.

We employ Fit Bits ... yes, Fit Bits, to ensure herd health so we know if any animal is feeling under the weather and we respond quickly. We love our cows and we love the AI technology which enables us to provide leading edge care.

What is really important though is you know where to find us right? Well, click right here

We are rolling out our brand across your favorite supermarkets across Georgia and across the US and we will keep you updated on our progress.

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